About Us


At a guess, if you’re reading this page, I’d say the question on your lips is…

“Why should I pick Animis over another team I could train with”

And honestly, it’s a good question, it shows you’re serious.

And while only you can ultimately choose who you train with, I’d like to explain our core values to you.

You see at Animis Racing Team, we like to train the whole athlete. While we will happily help you if you’re competing for world titles, we’re not elitist, we’re just as happy training someone to just improve their general fitness levels.

We don’t ever use fringe technical language or jargon.

Hi, we’re Jacqui and Oliver by the way.

You see, we’re just a couple of standard Yorkshire folk who love to meet people where they’re at right now, and help them get to where they want to be tomorrow.

We do this by creating flexible training schedules that suit you and fit around YOUR life, using the the world renowned Trisutto methodology.

But more than that, we don’t see Triathlon coaching as a job or a chore, it’s a passion.

So whether you’re looking to:

Get in shape

Complete your first Triathlon

Finish an Ironman

Get on the podium in a competitive age group event

Or anything in between

Then Animis is the natural choice.

So get in touch today, to find out how we can help you reach new heights!