You don’t have to be the horse to be the Jockey

You don’t have to be the horse to be the jockey. One of my coaching heroes is Arrigo Sachi – the great Italian manager of AC Milan during their dominant spell in the late 80’s and early 90s. Sachi had never been a professional footballer. Instead, he had been a shoe salesman and worked his […]

Why I love the Turbo

coach coaching turbo

When I talk to people about triathlon and in particular cycling almost everyone says……..” oh I hate the turbo I’m not doing that I like riding outside in the countryside” Well, that’s fine in its place but for many time compromised triathletes ( after all we train for 3 sports, not 1) the turbo trainer […]


I say this to everyone that I coach and I am always met with looks of disbelief Why do I passionately believe this is true when all the magazines and so called experts espouse a ‘smooth stroke’ when swimming, high cadence when cycling and landing on your toes when running. It must be right they […]