My tried and trusted wearables

Here’s a few of my tried and trusted wearables to put your phone in when you’re on a run.  When I first started running, I used to wear an arm band. It used to slip on your arm just there like a sleeve or something like that and your phone went in it.  I didn’t […]

Setting up your transition correctly

Here’s another few tips for setting up your transition correctly.  The first thing I would do is I would have my race belt all fastened and with my number on so that when I got out of the swim and got into transition, I could step into the race belt and pull it up so […]

Quick swim hacks for your first open water swim

If it’s a rough swim, and to be honest, most of them are, I would always wear two swimming hats.  Put your first hat on, then put on your goggles. Usually the organizer will provide a swim capsule so that you’re easily recognized in the water.  Put that over the top of your goggles.  That […]

Balance a demanding career with training

How do I balance a demanding career with racing and triathlons?  From a coaching perspective, there is an answer to this, but also a lack of perspective. I am a lawyer.  I run my own solicitor’s practice.  I have a demanding career and I am able to keep up with my triathlon training.  Can I […]

How do you fly with your bike? 

How do you fly with your bike?  I don’t mean quite literally, because unless you’re in the world of Harry Potter, that’s impossible.  If you are going to a training camp or you are racing abroad,  or if you live somewhere a bit more exotic and you’re traveling within the country,  How are you gonna […]

Are races unnecessarily expensive?

Are races unnecessarily expensive nowadays?  The answer is no.  We know this because we put on our own sprint triathlon. From 2019 when we first did our race, to the races that we’ve organized for this year, our costs have gone up by like 300%. The amount that it costs you to put on an […]

Whats a transition?

The transition is a way of getting from one discipline to the other – from the swim to the bike and from the bike to the run. What do I do in transition?  Are you wanting to podium or are you just wanting to enjoy the race?  Now, my husband would sit down in transition, […]

Did you watch Kes as a kid?

Hey! Did you watch Kes as a kid? If you don’t know what I mean by the film Kes, go on to YouTube and have a look and especially the PE lesson – I’ve put a link here. I will say at this point, I was never like Billy Casper at school. I was always […]

Should I wear socks or not for triathlon?

Should I wear socks or should I not wear socks when I’m competing in a triathlon?  This is a completely personal choice, and it ultimately boils down to the type of footwear that you’re going to run in.  There are some specialist triathlon running shoes that are designed without any seams inside of them so […]

What do I wear and how do I get changed in triathlon?

We’re now approaching pool sprint triathlon time, and you might be wondering, particularly if you’ve never done a triathlon or pool sprint triathlon before, what do I wear and how do I go about doing it?  Well, you’ve got a couple of choices.  You can do the swim in the swimming pool in your trunks […]