triathlon retreats - vilamoura - april 2023

LOOKING FOR A TRIATHLON CAMP for spring 2023?... then read on!


We’ve seen it all too often, people attend a triathlon camp and come home in a dreadful state! Exhausted, injured and feeling terrible. 

We wanted to do ours differently – of course, you still get the expert coaching and training element BUT we want you to enjoy the trip and come back energised, refreshed and with an improved technique. 

Life is all about balance, we can have fun as well as train hard. We firmly believe each person is an individual and will train you appropriately – not force you out for a 10km run when you are needing a rest! 

WHy choose us?

We are highly experienced triathlon coaches, by studying all of the different methodologies used in triathlon coaching we now use a combination of them all – as we know what really works.  

We will not have you obsessing over a watch or whatever the latest technology is. We do not agree that triathlon should be about owning the most expensive technical equipment – quite the opposite! 

We consider the whole athlete as a person and take into account their life outside of triathlon including their health, mental wellbeing and goals.

Through our on deck swimming coaching which amounts to around 170 hours per year, there is not much we haven’t seen or issues that we cannot fix!

We are British Triathlon Level 2 qualified coaches, Ironman U qualified, Trisutto certified and training Peaks accredited. 

We have travelled the world and looked at every single coach who has coached world champion triathletes successfully over a period of time and learned from them and put together our own way of doing things. 

We have seen INCREDIBLE results, from taking people from being non-swimmers and terrified of water to competent happy swimmers. 

We have coached a lady who only had 1 hour of pool use per week to achieve her goal of a podium place at her triathlon event. This makes us so incredibly happy. 

We have had our own personal wins as well, but its not about us and how well we perform, for us it is about how well we can get you to where you want to be – and still have a life! 

Above all of this, we are normal people, we have a laugh and we completely understand how daunting it can be to embark on this as a new hobby or interest and will support you all the way.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns and we will chat through them with you. Email or please feel free to pop us a What’s App message – Jacqui 07790 000166.

You can read even more about us here!


Monday - saturday
10-15 APRIL & 17-22 APRIL 2023

who are they for?

Anyone who has an upcoming triathlon or who is interested in learning what triathlon is all about. Especially people who think that triathlons are scary or too difficult, that think they need to fork out loads of money on equipment - you don't!

The only prerequisite we have, is that you should be able to swim 50 metres (in any stroke) and ride a bike!

We can work with the ability you have. The results we get for people really are incredible, there is nothing we have not seen or cannot fix, you just need to trust and believe in us.  If you are already an advanced triathlete, great! We are extremely capable coaches and are highly experienced in running coaching sessions that are tailored to the ability level of each person. We will use multiple lanes of the pool, and will ensure everyone is being supported in the right way. It is not a "one size fits all" approach with us, we observe you, listen to you and then help you improve.  If you have any questions regarding your suitability, please just ask! 

We have a network of people in Vilamoura who can take keen cyclists out on longer rides around the area if they let us know.


To make improvements in all 3 disciplines of triathlon (swim, bike and run)


Vilamoura, Portugal

Why Vilamoura? Aside from it being a beautiful place that ticks all the boxes for a triathlon retreat, it is quicker, easier and cheaper to get to than the mountains in Majorca, and it is just a really beautiful area.

The airport transfer is short, so you can make the most out of your time away!


£350 (with the option of splitting into installments) travel to be booked separately. early bird discount available until 31 December 2022! Save £30!

the plan

Of course, coached swimming, cycling and running sessions will be the main focus.

We will also spend some time giving you some information about our philosophy and why we coach they way we do.

But fear not, this is ALWAYS accompanied with coffee and cake!

The emphasis will be on having fun whilst training in the sun, and improving all 3 disciplines…

…but, don’t worry! We are not like sergeant majors beasting people! 

We aim to have all our coaching sessions finished by lunchtime leaving you plenty of free time to explore the area, go on a boat trip, play golf or just laze around on by the pool – its entirely up to you!  

the finer details

The pool we use to train at is the Municipal Pool of Quarteira, this is around a 5 minute walk from Vilamoura Marina. 

Bikes will be hired from a local supplier that we have used multiple times before, we can assist with the bike hire process and the cost of this will be around 80 euros. 

The track is located right near the pool. 

We always have our chats in the most fantastic coffee shop (with amazing cakes, of course) Mourapão.



There are so many lovely hotels in Vilamoura, along with Air BnB properties. We would rather leave it up to you to choose where you’d like to stay depending on your own preferences and budget. The Vila Gale Hotel is highly recommended along with the Dom Pedro. 

If you are considering booking a hotel, please reach out to Tarsh Wendt, our travel Consultant who can possibly get a discount for a group booking. Tarsh’s email is:

We have a trusted person we use for airport transfers and this is a short journey from Faro Airport of only 15 minutes or so. 


You are very welcome to come alone, or bring someone with you! We will make sure you are introduced to everyone and feel comfortable and welcome. 

We have had people attend previous events who have brought their partner/relation/friend along, their partner didn’t get involved in the training sessions but there is just so much to do in Vilamoura that you do not need to worry about them being bored! 

We aim to get our training sessions wrapped up relatively early, leaving plenty of time for relaxing or other activities, of which there are plenty! 

what's included...



7:30am – Coached Swimming Session

11:30am – Coffee meeting

3:00pm – Easy bike ride


8:00am – Athletes own run – easy

10:30am – Coached running session at the track

1:30pm – Coffee Meeting

4:00pm – Athletes choice of workout


7:30am – Coached Swimming Session

11:00am – Cycling – intervals or hill repeats

3:00pm – Cycling – longer intervals or easy ride depending on fatigue


AM – Longer run before breakfast (at your level)

10:30am – Coffee meeting

11:00am – Cycling session

PM – Athlete own time

7:00pm – Team Dinner


9am – Coached Swimming Session

12:30pm – Coffee meeting

1:00pm – Coached running session

2:00pm – Longer Cycling Session


7:30am – Coached Swimming Session

10:30am – Brick

1:00pm – End of retreat

You know the story…

…You’ve got an event on the horizon. The one you’ve been thinking about for a while.

It’s the big one, a chance to really put yourself to the test and see what you can do.

But before you get there, you’ve got a gruelling training schedule to get through.

Early mornings and late nights to make sure you’re prepared.

And even though you LOVE the feeling as you get fitter and stronger it can still feel like a slog.

Jumping in the pool at 6am. Going for a run in the rain. Taking your life in your hands on the bike with crazy drivers all over the place.

There must be a better way!

Well the good news is…

…There is!

With our all new warm weather retreats.

Based in the beautiful coastal resort of Vilamoura, they really are the best way to get ready for your event.

Rather than chilly, drizzly, Britain, you get to prepare in the gorgeous spring sunshine of the Algarve.

With all our coaches being fully qualified and insured, and with a high coach to athlete ratio, you know you’ll be in the best hands possible!

Imagine the progress you could make in the sunshine and amazing surroundings!

We recommend you stay in Vilamoura so you are close to the pool we will be using. There are plenty of hotels, air bnb’s and reasonable flights available.

If you would like assistance with the travel arrangements or are thinking of booking a hotel please contact our travel consultant Tarsh Wendt. It may be possible to get a group discount. 
 If you have any questions at all about the triathlon retreat, please do not hesitate to contact us on and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Or contact us for more details on the retreat: